Little Grey Box giveaway: Wild movie prize packs

You know you’ve seen a great movie when you can’t wait to tell your best friend about it! Which is exactly what happened to me after I went to a special advanced screening of inspiring new movie, Wild, at New Farm’s Six Cinemas. I went into the film thinking it would probably appeal mostly to those who love to travel or have a big sense of adventure, but since seeing it I realise it should appeal to just about anyone who has ever felt the need to escape.

After the screening ended, I came out of the cinema in an absolute daze and in need of a little quiet time to process what I’d just seen and work through it all. It took me a day or two to snap back out of my introverted-deep-thinking-introspective-funk. A movie hasn’t had that much of an impact on me in a while, not since Life of Pi, to be honest.

Something about the film connected with me and challenged me on so many levels. It takes you back to your younger years and those times where you weren’t the best version of yourself, those moments where you couldn’t stand to be in your own skin but felt hopeless to do anything about it. It reminds you of that feeling of wanting to run away, disappear and try to find yourself again. Which is exactly the journey the main character, Cheryl Strayed, embarks on.

Now, look, I’m by no means a professional movie review-er-er…. or… whatever the technical term is, but even I know this movie has been shot beautifully and Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are exceptional in it. You really feel like you are there with them and it’s just gritty enough to make you feel uncomfortable at how familiar it all is. The nature shots within the film are stunning and it will make you want to challenge yourself or get out there and see some of the beautiful, remote parts of the world.

I was a little unsure how they were going to shoot the film and wondered if it would be too far-fetched, unrelatable or hard to watch. Turns out it was none of those things and I was hooked from the start, finding it really easy to get into and relate to the main character in some ways (once you see the film you’ll understand why I don’t say I relate to her entirely!). I’ve heard people compare this film to ‘Into the Wild’ but they’re totally different themes, which is cool because it shows that as humans, sometimes we take similar actions for entirely different reasons.

Wild isn’t just a film women will relate to, my husband Matt came to see it with me and he absolutely loved it too. It’s a story about human’s and the mistakes we make, the paths we choose and the eternal search to try to understand ourselves. It’s powerful and confronting at times, but it’s also inspiring and has moments of light-hearted fun too. I really enjoyed it and, to celebrate the opening of this brilliant film across Australian cinemas today, I’m running a giveaway!


You could WIN 1 of 5 prize packs, each containing a double in-season pass to see ‘Wild’ in cinemas AND a copy of the bestselling novel, ‘Wild,’ by Cheryl Strayed.

Entry is easy and fun: 

1) ‘Follow’ @littlegreybox_phoebe on Instagram OR ‘Like’ littlegreybox on Facebook 

2) Post a comment to the giveaway image, explaining why you want to win this incredible prize! 


Terms and conditions:

  • 5 x prize packs, each pack contains: 1 x double in-season pass to see ‘Wild’ and 1 x copy of the book, ‘Wild.’ 
  • Tickets cannot be sold or used for Gold Class or VMax cinemas.
  • Prize packs will be posted to the winners after they have claimed the prize by contacting littlegreybox as advised.

Entries close 12 midday AEST Tuesday 27th January 2015. Winner announced after 5pm AEST Tuesday 27th January 2015. Competition is only open to those residing in Australia. This is a game of skill and the winner will be drawn based on their response to the question, “Why you want to win.”  To be eligible to win, contestants must follow the competition entry guidelines specified above. 


What the official trailer for ‘Wild’ here:

2 Comments on Little Grey Box giveaway: Wild movie prize packs

  1. Saved as a favourite, cool web site!


  2. chickie brewer // January 26, 2015 at 9:55 am // Reply

    I hear this is a really good movie.. I’m also a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon!..


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