Perfection is overrated…

I love sharing these personal posts with you each week and really enjoy reading the comments you guys post, especially when you feel something written here has resonated with you. There’s nothing better than connecting with someone who has felt the same way or thought something similar to you. Even though I share a lot of what goes through my mind and things I’ve learned and experienced, I want to keep things real by letting you know I’m far from perfect and am still learning every single day! Some days I’m as happy as a cow at a vegetarian food festival and other days I’m exhausted or feeling a little lost.

Over the weekend I was speaking with someone and was telling them how much I love reading things that are relatable and real. It’s always more inspiring to connect with or follow someone who shares the truth about their travels, their life journey and themselves. If I find someone on Instagram whose photos seem really unrelatable I struggle to follow them because it’s hard to look up to someone or something that seems impossibly perfect.

There’s really no such thing as a perfect life or a perfect person, we all have our good points and our opportunities for improvement. We all have our happy days and our sad days and we’re all continually learning and growing.

Blue skies and beautiful trees

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and for the longest time I was looking at my life thinking, “When I achieve this, everything will be perfect.” That’s a pretty common thought to have, we think if we get a promotion, work on one aspect of who we are, get a new car or house etc, that we’ll have the perfect life. It took a while for me to work out, after getting really frustrated about it, that our life journey is ongoing and there’s no ‘place of perfection’ to reach.

I don’t know about you, but that was a real weight off my shoulders. There’s no exam to sit, no life quiz to ace, no high distinction to achieve. We are constantly learning, expanding, growing and changing and there won’t ever be a point where we are perfect or everything around us is perfect. What a relief! The only people we need to please are ourselves.

There are so many things that come into our lives each day that we have absolutely no control over. The list is endless. Challenging co-workers, bad drivers, negative friends, angry relatives, mean bosses, situations we don’t want to be in, things we didn’t want to happen, bad news we can’t avoid… it goes on. The beautiful thing is those really are out of our control, which means there’s no pressure on you to do anything to change them. The only thing required of you is to decide how to react to them… and you do have a choice. You always have a choice.

It’s quite easy to let these stresses and perceived responsibilities build up on you and crush you, make you feel like you have so much to do and take care of. The biggest and best thing you can do is to let it all go, let go of everything you can’t control and focus only on the things you can control, within yourself. It’s kind of like those movies where someone finds a genie in a bottle and they have three wishes… one of the things the genie always tells people they can’t wish for is ‘to make someone else fall in love with you’. See, even Hollywood movies know you can’t control other people!!

So, if nobody is perfect and there is really no reasonable way we could ever expect to achieve perfection or control everything around us, what are we supposed to do with all our newfound spare time? I’ll tell you what…. start having a LOT of fun!

Phoebe Lee - laugh

That’s right! Let your hair down… go crazy… get out there! Get amongst it, get all over it, get right up in there and up against it! Have all the fun you want to have. Because, what is life really about if you aren’t having fun and laughing, smiling and enjoying yourself?

I forget to have fun sometimes, I get really caught up in being an adult and thinking about grown up things like financial security, the future, paying bills, fixing broken things, making very important lists etc. But you really do have to stop yourself and tell yourself to take a break and have a little fun, indulge the ‘little you’ that’s hanging out in there just begging to do some burnouts in a four-wheeler or start a water-bomb war with your partner.

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying you should stop paying your taxes and say to heck with obeying the speed-limit. Let’s not lose all sense of moral direction, guys! I’m just saying it’s really important and really fulfilling when you get back to your child-like roots and have a bit of fun and silliness.

If you’re feeling really drained, exhausted, out of energy and just ‘over it’ try being a bit silly for a while and see how you feel. I find it really energises me because I completely forget about all the boring grown-up stuff and lose myself in the fun. While we were away over Christmas Matt and I slept on the bottom double-mattress of a bunk bed. We hung sheets over the sides of it and made it into a really cool little fort and found ourselves hanging out in there a lot! It was like being a kid again with a couch fort.

I also love to take time out to play games with my friends, watch stupid movies with no plot-line and really bad acting, spend a few hours drawing or painting or even wearing something a bit mis-matched and silly. Have a dance battle with a friend and throw-down your worst dance moves!  Just lose yourself in something fun and indulge the side of you that loves to play. Let yourself laugh uncontrollably and make fun of yourself. Think back to the games you used to play when you were young or the things you’d do for fun, when you had nowhere to be and nothing to do. Do those things and do them often.

If you ever find yourself feeling lost or overwhelmed just remember we’re all in this together. Nobody is perfect, nothing is perfect and it never will be. There’s no pressure on you to be anything but the beautiful person you are. So take some time out from all your grown up responsibilities and let your freak flag fly!

Each Wednesday I write a personal post to share what I’ve been learning, have experienced or feel the need to get out of my mind and onto the interwebs. My journey has led me to a place of intuitive living and everything I share comes straight from my heart and mind, to you. Each post is intended to be positive and inspire. 

If you enjoyed this post, please share it and be sure to come back next Wednesday for another personal post. In the meantime, I would love to hear about your journey so please share in the comments below, if you feel comfortable. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week – sending you love and good wishes. 

17 Comments on Perfection is overrated…

  1. thanks Phoebe…one of the reasons I am coming to Australia..don’t remember the last time I was this tired, exhausted..I need to breathe!! and let go..


  2. I love your posts ❤ I always find myself getting too caught up in all the stress and have to remind myself that “Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe”


  3. Love this 🙂 I reminded myself this at the start of the new year… when trying to decide on a ‘goal’ for this year all I could think was, ‘have more fun’. So I’ve been climbing the tree in my backyard, doing more yoga, paddling in puddles and sketching etc 😉


  4. You put it beautifully and I have to admit and I, amongst others, do tend to forget to do just that. I am always trying to be responsible, doing ‘the right thing’ and live to all the ‘expectations’ created around us. It often leaves me tired, lost and a little downhearted too. I guess it would be quite a good thing for me to let the child, that is still in me, out a little more often. Just to find that life might not be as bad and suffocating as it can be at times.


  5. Beautifully said, couldn’t agree with you more Xo


  6. What an amazing and honest post! As always, very valuable advice 🙂


  7. My peronal blog of today:
    Please use ‘translation’ to read it 😊


  8. And…….another great post! I think I write those words every week. 🙂 I have to agree with you about having fun and being silly. I’m responsible, pay my bills, work everyday, etc., but I try not to forget to have fun! Friends are great for that. I can’t change anything or anybody else but I can change my reaction….I’ll second (or third) that! Thanks Phoebe


  9. That is why I like your posts. Best part is: “The biggest and best thing you can do is to let it all go, let go of everything you can’t control and focus only on the things you can control, within yourself.” I want to read it again. Its inspiring!


  10. I really needed this. Everything in my life lately has been about my career, and my parents pressuring me about jobs etc. It has been really hard, and I think that’s why I’m unintentionally pushing people away — because I have forgotten how to enjoy the moments in my life (which is pretty great, I just keep forgetting).

    I agree with you 100% about honest posts! I love this and you have inspired me a lot from one post. Have a great day, and I love your blog <3.


    • Wow 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Stephie. I’m so glad it helped you work through things that have been in your mind. Have a great day too – sending you lots of good wishes and support!!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Absolute fave line “The only thing required of you is to decide how to react ” Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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