Happy New Year! Let’s travel the world and kick some butt!

Welcome to the start of 2015, my friends! We’re officially 5 days into this brand spanking new year and, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling some good vibes around what this year will bring each of us. This year is my first full year working as a writer and travel blogger, which is a really strange and surreal feeling for me. In some ways I think it rounds out and completes my work transition, I feel like I have a clean slate ahead of me, an entire year of writing and travel.

I wanted to start off this glorious, yet rainy, new year by sharing a few things with you to set the tone for what you can expect from littlegreybox and I in 2015.

First things first, I’d like to share with you the brand new littlegreybox logo! Woohoo! Yeah! Go Crazy! Here it is, guys, in all its glory. Look at me gazing lovingly at its majesty! I’m in awe of it!

Given this year is a fresh start, it felt like it was time for a fresh new logo that captures and represents littlegreybox. I’ve had the old logo since I started littlegreybox at the start of 2012 in our cold London flat. Luckily my husband, Matt, is a graphic designer and was able to help me conceptualise this little beauty. Placing importance on this new logo has given me permission to really see littlegreybox as my business, something to be valued and treated right, and given me an empowered start to the year. You’ll catch the new logo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, yo!

There are a lot of things planned for this year, including some big travel plans which I’ll be able to share with you over the coming months. I’ll be sharing more written reviews of travel products, hotels and resorts, travel websites and businesses. You can also expect more guides on things to do, where to stay and what to pack for specific destinations, based on my travel experiences as well as collaborations with travellers, companies and real adventurers.

Excitingly, we’re ramping things up over on our YouTube channel too! Matt’s video-making mastery is kicking things up a notch and we’ll be making and sharing even more videos, which means you can come along on all our adventures with us. Wanna go swimming in Thailand? You can come with us! Wanna climb a mountain in New Zealand and watch the sunrise? You can do that too!

I’ll be sharing my weekly personal posts on Wednesdays this year too, starting this week. The happiness, positivity and support I received from these posts last year has encouraged me to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is integrate my intuitive living into the rest of littlegreybox. So expect to feel the love in each of my posts from now on.

Phoebe Lee at Agnes Water 1770 lookout

Over the Christmas and New Year break, Matt and I took off to Agnes Water and 1770; two little towns along the Queensland central coast. I find being near the water very relaxing, grounding and re-energising, luckily Matt does too. When we first arrived back in Brisbane, after living in London for a year, the first thing we did was hire a car and drive down to the beach. Getting in that water again was like being reconnected to the whole planet! It was cleansing, refreshing, replenishing and made me feel human again.

I spent the time in Agnes Water and 1770 taking advantage of those feelings and clearing out all the old crap that I was holding onto from last year. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted from this year too. After all, my only goal last year was to escape the halogen-lit hell hole that was my old job… check that off the list!

One thing kept popping into my mind over the holidays, ‘Anything is possible.’ It’s a simple phrase, something you hear people say all the time. It’s something I never used to believe in, I just used to think it was a saying for hippies and people who drink too much green tea. All the antioxidants going to their brains or something. But after the year I just had, I’ve come to realise it really is true. If you had told me 3 years ago that I’d be where I am right now, I’d have told you to lay off the booze mate!

But here’s the thing, guys. It’s all true… if you can dream it, if you can come up with the idea… if you can imagine it… you can do it. Absolutely anything is possible. No dream is too big and no desire is too small. If I can do it, you can do it too.

There’s something in the air this year, something I feel is pulling all of us toward our dreams and desires, encouraging us to take that leap and give weight and value to the things we desire most. It’s a year of accepting our heart’s needs and honouring our truth. The time has come to trust yourself and let it all unfold in front of you. Take a chance, make that jump. Don’t lose another second, don’t lose another moment.

It feels like the start of a very wonderful year where absolutely anything is possible for each of us. So, come and get lost with me….

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our trip to Agnes Water and 1770, including the magic of this lovely little slice of Queensland, photographs and a guide on things you can see, do and eat while there. Matt made an incredible video of our time away and I thought I’d share it with you early as a bit of a sneaky-look at how we spent the holidays:

4 Comments on Happy New Year! Let’s travel the world and kick some butt!

  1. Lilian MacDonald // January 6, 2015 at 1:56 am // Reply

    Happy New Year. Great piece. Go girl. Love from all of us here.


  2. Great video Phoebe (and Matt!) makes me want to pack my bags right now 🙂 I was wondering if you could share what camera you used for the video? Thanks


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