My last post for this year!

Christmas is finally here, guys. Over the coming weeks most people will be celebrating with some much-needed holidays and time off from work and I’ve decided to include myself in that group too. For a little while there I was in my ‘old-job’ mode, thinking I had to keep working through the break, but over the weekend I realised I deserve a break as well! So, I’ll be taking some time off to chill out and enjoy the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.

Matt and I are lucky enough to be heading up to Agnes Water for the holiday break, a beautiful, sleepy little town on the Queensland coastline. It’s the kind of place where you get up really early, spend all morning at the beach, hide out during the hottest part of the day watching movies and reading books, then head back down to the beach in the afternoon for a quick dip. There’s nothing to do but relax and unwind.

I’m also making time to do things I talked about in my recent post about treating yourself right this Christmas, including letting go of all the necessary junk from this year and setting my intentions for next year. It’s a mental and emotional clear out! Everything must go!

Given this is my last blog post for the year, I wanted to share with you something that came up over the weekend. I think it’s one of those really important life lessons I’ve been trying to learn all year, but kept missing. It seems fitting, then, that it all came together just in time to be my last post for 2014!
Singapore 2

I’ve come a long way this year and thought I really understood what it meant to treat yourself right, you know, practicing self-love, listening to your heart, being brave and all that. I know I’ve come a very long way in treating myself with respect and kindness, but it turns out I was missing one key part; accepting and knowing I deserve all of the good things which come into my life. 

This year has been the best year of my life. I’ve had really hard moments, before I left my job, where I was incredibly unhappy. I felt so sad and consumed by my old job, some of the people I worked with and a general feeling of yuckiness that made my stomach hurt. Deciding to leave my job was really scary, going through with it was even more terrifying. But these bad moments are nothing compared to the great moments.

The feeling of walking out my old office building for the last time, knowing I never had to go back. The feeling of officially resigning and realising I’m actually doing what I want to do with my life. The amazing travel opportunities I’ve been given for my new career, the beautiful places I’ve seen, the friends who have been there with me to experience it and the incredible people I’ve met, not to mention the comments I get from people who read what I write – it’s so great connecting with you!

Not just that, but this year I’ve learned more about myself then ever before. Thank to the people I’ve met and moments I’ve had, I’ve learned to communicate and connect in a new way and it has helped me express myself. Looking back at this year, the photos, the memories, the moments, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with happiness, smiles and love! Mushy but true, my friends.

I appreciate every single one of these great moments, and even the bad ones too. But what I haven’t been doing is allowing myself to be totally accepting of the good moments. To stop and say, “Mate, you deserve those good things.” That’s a really hard thing to do, because there’s a stigma about being arrogant or selfish, it’s more accepted to be self-deprecating – especially in Australia, I’ve found. We’re a funny bunch! My beautiful Canadian cousin, a stunning and intelligent girl, is so gracious at accepting compliments and it’s a quality I’ve admired for a long time.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that by acknowledging I deserve all of the good things that come my way, I’m also nurturing my self-worth. I’m confirming my value and saying it’s not just luck, good fortunate, or someone else’s generosity that brought good things into my life this year. Not only that, but it’s allowing myself to accept them totally and completely.

We all deserve good things and happiness, simply by being alive. There isn’t a checklist or a special card you need to hold or something you need to do, you deserve it no matter what. So often we find ways of justifying things to ourselves, ‘you’ve worked hard, you deserve a day off to eat chocolate biscuits on the couch.’ My friend, you deserve to treat yourself well no matter what, every single day, for the rest of your life.

We are all entitled to good things, the tough part is being open to them and accepting them, knowing you deserve them simply for being you.

As I’ve shared with you throughout the year there have been a few negative people pop up here and there and that’s okay, those people have been there to challenge me and help me grow and while they pissed me off at the time, I’m thankful for them afterward. Those moments have been leading me to everything I’ve learned this year and thanks to them I know I don’t have to compromise my self-worth, integrity or what makes me happy anymore, not for anything. It’s a right we all have, we just have to choose to do what makes us happy and know we are entitled to it whole-heartedly. 

Port Macquarie Phoebe Lee

I think a lot of us spend time wanting something, wishing we had it and craving it, but when we finally do receive it, we do so with doubt, guilt or fear. I’ve been wanting my dream career for so long and now I have it, I realise I’ve been accepting it with a little bit of guilt and fear. Fear that I don’t deserve it, that people won’t like it, that I don’t do enough or aren’t achieving enough and guilt that I get to enjoy what I do while others don’t.

All of those doubts and fears have been taking away from my self-worth and limiting what I’m capable of achieving, because part of me has been closed off to my hopes and dreams for the future. I’ve had the blinkers on a little bit, limiting myself with the fear and guilt. Well, no more! Just like everyone else out there in the world, I now know I deserve great things too and I won’t be working against myself anymore by trying to talk things down.

I’m finally opening myself up to everything great because I know, deep down in my heart, that I deserve it. And you know what, you do too!

Like I said, I think it’s fitting that this all came together over the weekend, just in time for me to start a new year with some new knowledge, ready to learn a whole lot more next year too.

My focus for the next few weeks is going to be wrapping my mind around this newfound idea of knowing and accepting I deserve great things and trying to retrain my brain out of that auto-pilot self-deprecating mode. I’m going to be actively working on changing my mindset and not just working hard and dreaming big, but knowing I trust myself and am comfortable with my self-worth, self-confidence and value, allowing me to accept great things.

Whatever this year has brought you, the good and the bad, it has all been for a reason. If you’re like me, make sure you take time to slow down and look at everything around you, to make sure you aren’t missing any important life lessons that have been trying to get you to pay attention. Also, make sure you really enjoy yourself over this end of year period. Go to the places and people that set a spark in your soul!

I hope each of you has a wonderful break and I can’t wait to see what unfolds for each of us next year. Sending you and your loved ones lots of love and good wishes for Christmas and the New year. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing, I appreciate it so much.

If you’d like to stay in touch over the break, I’ll be sharing photos and other things on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Otherwise, I’ll talk to you in the New Year – stay safe, everyone.

Love Phoebe.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from 2014.

More fireworks

9 Comments on My last post for this year!

  1. Happy New year Phoebe !!! im so glad that i found your blog, because it always makes me feel so positive and happy!!!!!! Thank you ❤


  2. Great read, thanks. Good luck for next year ☺️
    as|fa xoxoxo


  3. Well said Phoebe, it’s a lesson that we all need to learn – self-love, self-respect and accepting compliments all go a long way towards a more peaceful, loving and caring world. It’s people that fail to learn this that dish out negativity on others. Merry Christmas and look forward to keeping up with your adventures in the new year.


  4. Lilian MacDonald // December 23, 2014 at 12:11 am // Reply

    Great post Phoebe. Enjoy every single post. Lots of love from us here and wishing you continued success. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  5. Go girl! Love this as a last post for 2014. What a year you have had; i can only imagine how epic 2015 will be.

    You are a shining star, so keep on shining, girl!

    Big love and positive energy,

    Luc x ||


  6. I’m constantly amazed at (and jealous of) people that can take compliments well.. I’m so awkward about it – quick Jo, divert their attention! – so I hear ya! Glad you’re gonna start accepting all that praise though, coz not even half of what you’ve achieved could have been done on luck alone x

    Liked by 1 person

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