Luggage Review: Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase

Good quality luggage is something every traveller needs but is so often overlooked. When I was planning my first big trip overseas (a 6-week tour of Europe circa 2008) the last thing on my mind was my luggage. I stupidly bought a really big, really cheap suitcase which, of course, broke and resulted in me dragging it over a kilometre from the tube station in London to my hostel. The hostel manager laughed, saying he’d seen this exact same scene play out hundreds of times. I didn’t learn my lesson though and bought another cheap suitcase, which also broke, followed by a third cheap suitcase, which broke too.

Yes, you read correctly, I went through 3 cheap suitcases in 6 weeks and they all broke. At the end of it, as I dragged my third suitcase carcass to the airport, I had a real meltdown and vowed to never buy crappy luggage ever again. Good quality luggage is worth the investment, there’s no doubt about it. I bought my first Antler suitcase a few years ago and it has been an absolute dream. Investing in good quality luggage has changed my travel experience, as dramatic as that sounds, it’s true! There’s nothing more frustrating than starting your holiday off by struggling with a dodgy suitcase that’s straining your shoulders and back.

The lovely team at In Luggage were kind enough to send me a piece of Antler luggage to review and share with you. In Luggage are a small Australian company which sell top-quality luggage and travel accessories at great prices. If you’re looking to get your paws on great luggage at great prices, then visit In Luggage and support this great Aussie company. Here’s a look at the luggage, it’s an Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase:

Antler Juno

The case is 56cm tall, 35 cm wide and 23cm deep. It’s the perfect size for carry-on luggage, a weekend getaway or overnight stay. It weighs 2.4kg, which means it’s nice and light to help keep you under the carry-on luggage weight restrictions, which is particularly important if you’re flying with a budget airline.

The exterior is made of a really tough polypropylene material, which makes it durable and strong, able to withstand a few knocks and bumps. The magical combination of lightweight and durable is exactly what you’re looking for when you buy a suitcase, something that can stand up to getting bashed around a bit without weighing as much as a military tank. Not only this, but I love the look of the Juno case. It’s really modern and cool, making it something you want to use.

One of the most important features of a suitcase is the wheels, they MUST be sturdy and strong. The Juno comes with Antler’s famous 360 degree rotating wheels which are notorious for being incredibly strong and durable. Why are the 360-degree wheels so good? Because you can wheel your suitcase in any direction with great ease and you can change direction easily too. When your suitcase is jammed full of all your stuff and weighs a lot, it’s extremely easy to navigate your Antler suitcase through airport crowds, queues and car parks.

What I like about Antler suitcases is how easy they are to move around and the Juno is no exception. The smart people at Antler have put a long handle on it which you extend to lock into place. There are three different heights you can set the handle at, which means it’s suitable for adults or could even be wheeled around by a child (if you trust your child with your luggage, that is). Rather than pulling the suitcase, which hurts your arm and shoulders, you use the momentum of your stride to move the suitcase, which stays upright on all four wheels. It means the suitcase glides along next to you, rather than ripping your arm out of the socket being dragged along behind you.

Another very important feature is the safety lock, which is inbuilt on the Juno suitcase. The fixed TSA combination lock is great because you don’t have to worry about buying a lock and keeping the key somewhere safe. The lock is easy to program and extremely reliable.

Inside, the suitcase has enough room to pack all your belongings and keep things secure, separate and safe. I like to put my clothing in the open part of the suitcase, using the luggage strap to secure it in place. In the zippable mesh compartment, I like to put my shoes, electrical cords and appliances, toiletries bag and other small items that can easily fly around.

The mesh makes it easy to see what’s in there but keeps everything secure while I’m moving around, especially if I’m putting the suitcase up and down into overhead luggage compartments on a plane. There is also a neat little pouch on one side of the Juno, which is a great place to put in those last-minute things you forget or really small items. I like to store zip-lock or plastic bags in there too as they come in really handy for liquids, soaps, dirty shoes or swimwear that isn’t quite dry. I found the different internal spaces of the suitcase kept all my belongings separated, tidy and safe while I was moving around.

As with all Antler luggage, it comes with a 10-year warranty. While this doesn’t cover you for mishandling by carriers, it does cover replacement caused by defective workmanship and materials. If you do find your luggage has been broken by a carrier, make sure you approach the airline desk immediately after you land and raise the issue with them and take photos to show your travel insurer. The luggage also comes with details lock instructions to make it easy for you to set your lock passcode.

Antler luggage

I would definitely recommend the Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase to anyone looking to invest in a really great quality suitcase to use as check-in luggage, weekend luggage or an overnight stay. The case retails at AUD$229 but if you visit the fantastic team at In Luggage, you can get it for a steal at AUD$137.40 with free shipping within Australia (some conditions may apply, check the website for details).

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10 thoughts on “Luggage Review: Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase

  1. The Antler Juno Cabin suitcase is one of our best selling piece of luggage. To answer Thebookishreader (although we appreciate it might be too late now), the Antler Juno B1 mentioned above is 56cm including wheels and handle making it perfectly suitable for hand luggage in Easyjet flights.


  2. Could you tell me if the height of 56cm is including the wheels or just the body height? I’m asking as EasyJet have a strict size limit which needs to include all wheels and handles. Thanks.


  3. It seems to me that this piece of canon baggage fails in not having an exterior pocket. I’m thinking of passports, airline tickets and the like. As I’m male, I won’t have any other sort of bag with me at check-in. I’d appreciate your comments.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great point, Richard. You’re right, it could be difficult for someone who won’t have another sort of bag with them for the documents and things you mentioned. I hadn’t noticed as I always have my handbag with me when I use my Juno. Maybe another bag with external pockets is more suited to your needs? Thanks for the different perspective 🙂


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