The best luxury hotel to splurge on in Tokyo

The general advice I got, before going to Tokyo, was that hotel rooms are expensive and tiny. I was terrified. We stayed in Tokyo for nearly two weeks, spending the first week split between two budget hotels, which really were tiny. The last week, we saved up our pennies and splashed out on staying in luxury at Hotel Century Southern Tower. It was worth every cent.

In terms of location, the hotel is in the absolute perfect spot. Technically in Shibuya, it is a very short walk to the big and busy Shinjuku station, which has trains coming and going from everywhere, including Narita airport. This means it’s easy for you to get from the airport to the hotel using the Narita Express, without dragging your luggage all over Tokyo. Check out the train information here.

Shibuya crossing

Shibuya crossing

Tokyo is deceptively big when you’re walking around, everything looks really close on google maps but hurts your legs more than you thought it would when you try to walk there. That said, you can walk to a lot of the big tourist attractions from the hotel, including the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Yoyogi Park and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for stunning, free views of the city and Mt. Fuji. Whatever you can’t walk to, you can easily catch a train to see.

The hotel is on top of some retail space and there is an abundance of shopping and restaurants nearby, including the famed Tokyo Hands and Takashimaya stores as well as many more near Shinjuku station. There is also an Italian restaurant, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and beautiful patisserie close by.

The room was huge, a fantastic size, especially by Tokyo standards. Everything about the room screams luxury and comfort. The first day we arrived at the hotel, Matt and I put on our robes and spent nearly the whole day enjoying the room – that’s how comfortable it is.

We stayed in a double room, with one of the biggest, plushest most comfortable beds I’ve ever had the joy of sleeping in. Our room was west-facing and on the top floor of the building, giving us incredible views of Yoyogi park, the Meiji Jingu Shrine and, when the clouds cleared, Mt. Fuji. The huge window made the room feel so big and like we were still part of the action of Tokyo, even when we were indoors.

Hotel Room

Little touches make your holiday feel really special, like heating behind the bathroom mirror to stop it fogging when you shower, and beautiful Shiseido beauty products available to use including face wash and hair care products. The large window has a heavy blind that encourages you to sleep in, not that you need much encouragement when you’re on holiday.

The hotel doesn’t offer room service or a mini-bar, but I found that to be a great thing as I never use those services anyway. Instead, we would grab coffee and pastries from the shops nearby or get food from the bottom floor of Takashimaya, which has an incredible array of beautiful food, then come back to the room and eat our lunch with our amazing view. It was perfect.

Hotel staff are polite and professional, happy to help you with directions to places on information on where to eat. Rooms come with great quality free wi-fi (yessss!) and there is a restaurant on-site which I’m told is great, though I never visited myself.

We absolutely loved our stay at Hotel Century Southern Tower, will definitely stay there again and would recommend it to our friends and family as the best place to stay in Tokyo. It offers large, comfortable rooms in a fantastic location and makes your trip to Tokyo that little bit more special.

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8 Comments on The best luxury hotel to splurge on in Tokyo

  1. Would you happen to know their email address? Can’t find it anywhere. 🙂


  2. Ah love this hotel stayed there four time and will be staying there again. Tribeks is the restaurant on site for breakfast which I must say is not that bad. The bar is alright too if you like cocktails that blow your head off with all the unmeasured spirits they use lol but at 5 dollars at happy hour we did not complain.


  3. I love your review! It is such a great addition to the knowledge I am building up on some of the top Tokyo, Japan accommodations that I will recommend to pals who might travel to Japan soon.


  4. What a gorgeous place! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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