Real adventurer: the Thrusta lads

Joel, Sam and Jaryd of Thrusta

Today’s featured real adventurers are the inspiring lads from Thrusta. But woah, wait a minute, what the heck is Thrusta? Are these guys named after a crude dance move? Nuh-uh, Thrusta is a surfing reference, it’s the classic tri-fin setup you see on the bottom of a surfboard. The name is fitting, given the Thrusta lads are three mates who grew up together on the Gold Coast; Joel, Sam and Jaryd. The boys share a love of travelling and surfing, which makes for a travel-inspiring blog and Instagram feed.

thrusta-logoRecently, the boys took off to Hawaii for an amazing two weeks surfing and exploring Maui and Oahu. Here’s a look at their amazing trip.

Follow the lads on Instagram here or cyber-stalk them via their website and blog here and Facebook here.




All images used have been supplied by Thrusta, these photos are not my own. Please do not copy or take them without their permission. Photography piracy isn’t cool, fool! 

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