12 Cool jobs that require travel

For a long time, it was my dream to have a job that allowed me to travel. I needed to earn money, or I’d wind up living in my parent’s garage, and I loved to write and travel. That’s the basic version of how I decided to start a travel blog. Having a job that takes you to new and exciting locations, or even just the same amazing location over and over is pretty much the dream, right? Well, it probably is if you’re reading my blog.

Here are 11  jobs that require travel! Some of them don’t even require qualifications, just hard work and a leap of faith. So, what the heck are you waiting for? Get out there!

1. Flight Attendant

Seems pretty obvious, but is easily overlooked as a great job for travel. There are a few hoops you have to jump through to become a flight attendant and it’s quite a competitive career, but it also opens the door to a lot of fantastic travel opportunities.

2. Au Pair

I know quite a few friends who have gone down the path of being an Au Pair for a few years, I even contemplated doing it! If you haven’t heard of it before, being an Au Pair is pretty much being a live-in nanny for a family and it’s all the rage in Europe and the UK. It gives you stability, in terms of being with the same family, and if you find yourself in Europe you may get to travel with the family, learn a new language and get paid for doing all of it!

3. Photographer

I’ve always been envious of the talented photographers who grace the pages of National Geographic, what a job! Even they had to start somewhere though, so if you love to take photos then start compiling them on a website or blog, get an Instagram page going and just START. It could be you on the cover of Nat Geo before you know it.

4. Events

There are many different roles within events that would require you to travel, which is why so many people choose to study tourism and event planning. You could find yourself part of a large hotel chain, transferred to one of the islands in the Whitsundays, or work for an events planning agency in Dubai or China.   Whether you’re part of a travelling theatre show, circus, or festival, there’s plenty of room for you to come along for the ride.

5. Entertainers

If Iggy Azalea can claw her way out of Mullumbimby and become an international rap sensation, then surely we can do it too. By we, I mean you. You could travel the world, performing in little pubs across Europe and America, or you could hit the big time and sell sold-out concerts! Entertainers don’t end there, maybe you have a knack for acting and find yourself travelling the world as an actor or actress in movies or stage shows. I bet the cast of the Lion King are pretty thrilled with all the places they’ve visited during their world tour!

6. Volunteer

There are people all over the world who would love the help and support of a volunteer. You could help build houses for families in Cambodia, for example. It’s an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience.

7. English Teacher

I have a number of friends who have done this and loved every second of it. Pack your bags and move to China, Korea or Vietnam, for example, and teach English to cute little kids. Just being in one of those beautiful countries will open up so many travel experiences to you.

8. Tour Guides

Chances are you don’t need a qualification to be a great tour guide, unlike the incredible guides who take the Third Reich tours in Berlin. All you need is a good understanding of the history of the city you’re showing people and some very good interpersonal skills. Conflict resolution skills would be a bonus too. You could find yourself leading Contiki tours across Europe!

9. Pharmaceutical Representative

Also known as a “Drug Rep”, this job requires travel as you move around the country selling pharmaceuticals to various doctors in the area.

10. Journalist

This is a tough one to break into, but nothing is impossible and someone has to get the job, why not you? You could be the person writing the review on a luxury Maldives resort for the Sunday newspaper or a glossy magazine.

11. Travel Agent

Again, another obvious one, but one that is easily overlooked. As a travel agent, you’re usually required to know what you’re recommending to customers. This means, from time-to-time, travel agencies offer trips to places for their staff to get to know the area first-hand. You’ll also have access to cheaper airfares and hotel deals!

12. Online Stock Wizard

Alright, so may it technically doesn’t require travel, but it can lead to the ultimate nomad lifestyle, which is kinda exactly what we all want. Working online with the stock market can be a great way to earn an income while you travel and all you need is a laptop, great wifi and access to something like CMC Markets. Easy!

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