5 Awesome Reasons to Work Abroad

Loads of young people travel abroad as a release or as a personal rite of passage after leaving school or University. Others simply aren’t wild about the idea of diving straight into 9-5 employment or are bored with their current situation and need a change and some adventure. Funds also play a role, with the cost of study and living making it difficult to save for an overseas adventure. More and more, though, with the help of corporate travel agencies such as FCm Travel Solutions, people are turning to working holidays as an awesome option for kick-starting a career and scratching the wanderlust itch. Here’s 5 awesome reasons why it could be the path for you.

1. Prove Your Independence

Chances are the gigs you’ll land on a working holiday aren’t going to be the most challenging or fastest path to career advancement, however employers are going view any period of time spent employed abroad in a positive light. Uprooting yourself, finding a job overseas and sorting out a place to stay takes a certain kind of person and employers look for that.


2. Earn Money On The Road

You’re going to need cash if you intend to keep travelling and, just like at home, finding a job will keep your much-needed cash-flow stable. Knowing which countries offer better odds of landing a gig is essential – you’ll find that doing the research before you go will be a big help.

3. Get a Feel for the Destination

If you are nation-hopping regularly, cities are going to start to blur together. Every new tourist destination will become increasingly less interesting and it can feel like you’re skimming over the things that are truly special in each place. Stopping to work allows you to see these places from a different perspective and give you an idea of what day-to-day life is like. You’ll have the time to really take in your surroundings and see things others won’t get to rather than rely on your guidebook app.

4. Meet the Locals

Realistically, most of the locals you’ll meet initially are going to be in the tourist industry themselves and that means their job is to be nice to you. If you’re keen to meet actual locals and get a feel for their culture, working is the perfect way to do it. You’ll connect with hundreds of average, everyday people, all as curious about where you’re from as you are about them.

5. Make Lasting Friendships

Bumping into other travellers is going to be common-place, no matter where you find yourself, but so many of these encounters are going to be fleeting. Finding work gives you the time to develop actual, meaningful friendships – whether with colleagues or other travellers. Farewells will be all the more painful but you won’t regret those memories for a moment and you’ll have so many new friends all over the world, thrilled to see you when you visit next

Moving abroad and starting over can be a seriously daunting prospect, however you’ll quickly realise that it’s not as difficult or as frightening as it seems. Finding the confidence to jet off anywhere in the world bestows an immense sense of freedom. When you know you can move overseas and still support yourself, the world becomes yours to explore.

Little Grey Box

Phoebe is a travel writer and photographer with a love for storytelling and making people laugh. Matt is a videographer and photographer with a passion for the great outdoors and big adventures. Together we inspire big adventures through our guides, videos, vlogs and photographs.

4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Reasons to Work Abroad

  1. I completely agree. When I went travelling and worked abroad, it was some of the best experiences of my life. I learnt so much, not only about the people around me, but myself too. It definitely helped shaped the person I am today! And yes, long-lasting friendships, too. I met my husband! But we weren’t technically working together 🙂


  2. I am moving to London next year for my career – I cannot wait. I studied in Austria and had the BEST time and I look back on that time with such happiness. I learnt so much, grew ridiculously in confidence and independence and made so many friends. My move next year is permanent, so fingers crossed I will make friends ha!

    Love this article. These kind of posts excite me so much because they are so relevant for all!

    Luc x


    1. London will mean so many great things for you and your career, you’re going to love it. So many exciting things happening, so many beautiful places on your doorstep to travel to. I’m so excited for you!

      I’ve never heard of anyone studying in Austria before 🙂 that would have been incredible.

      Good luck planning and preparing for you big move, even though it’s next year it’ll come around so fast. I missed Brisbane too much to stay in London for longer than a year, I’m a homing pigeon haha 🙂



  3. I whole-heartedly endorse your suggestion. There are jobs tutoring English in foreign countries, helping on farms, etc. that young people can do. There is also the Peace Corps if one qualifies (and it is not always easy to do so) for a two-year paid hitch. One has to be ready to fill a need. Three of my alumni students from California started the first Mexican Restaurant in the country of Slovakia because they were homesick for Mexican food. Before that, they were English tutors in a couple of other countries. Grab a backpack and venture forth!


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