7 places in Brisbane to get a great coffee

7 places in Brisbane to get a good coffee
The Base Espresso Bar

This place really surprised me, it’s perched on the corner of a street along Old Cleveland Road and serves really great coffee. The staff are super friendly and, even when it’s busy, make sure you don’t feel overlooked while you’re waiting to order.

The coffee was just great! I had one of those massive takeaway cups that you usually get when you’re extremely tired and I polished it off with no hesitation, followed by a tasty little pastry. If you’re a soy drinker, like me, you’ll be pleased to know they use Bonsoy. They have lots of yummy sweet treats and breakfast/light lunch items to choose from too.

The Base Espresso Bar // 850 Old Cleveland Road // Carina

Moose & Gibson

If the words ‘all day breakfast’ don’t do it for you, then maybe the goodie-stocked fridge or the great coffee will. Every time I walk into this place I have to battle not to walk out with an armful of cakes and treats from the big selection they have.

I quite often stop in for a few takeaway coffees because they seem to get it right every time and, as we all know, the key to a good coffee shop is reliability. The breakfast menu is short, sweet and simple, but it works really well. Moose is a great spot to nurse a hangover or catch up with a good friend as it’s a cosy little place with a funky decor.

Moose & Gibson // 77 Jurgens Street // Woollongabba 

Coffee Cup Cappuccino Brisbane five best cafes Travel Blog

TONIC Bar + Espresso

Two of your favourite things combined, alcohol and coffee. Well, probably not in the one drink, especially early in the morning (maybe?). But, Tonic does double as a gin bar and coffee shop, brilliant right?! If you play your cards right you could spend your whole day there, transitioning from morning coffee to afternoon cocktail.

It’s a cool little spot you could easily drive past without realising it, a basement space converted into a chilled out, graffiti covered cafe selling damn good coffee. Pull up a seat outside and relax with friends, or tuck yourself away in the cool interior and unwind with a great latte.

TONIC Bar + Espresso // Hynes Street // Fortitude Valley 


Chances are you’ve heard of Press, or maybe seen photos of it on Facebook or Instagram. It’s well-known for the delicious range of ‘clean’ treats it serves up, all manner of sugar-free, vegan and raw bites for the health conscious. But it also has a great range of yummy lunch options too and a few naughty treats if you’re not dodging refined sugar.

The coffee here is really fantastic, I quite often stop in to grab a couple of takeaways because I know it’s always going to be good coffee, because the baristas know what they’re doing and the beans are great. If you feel you’re not ‘hipster’ or ‘cool’ enough to be seen on James St, don’t worry, Press isn’t like that.

Press // 65 James Street // Fortitude Valley 

Coffee Cup Cappuccino Brisbane five best cafes Travel Blog

Brown Dog Cafe

I don’t really want to tell you how much I like Brown Dog Cafe, because I want to keep it to myself. My precioussss. But, I have to tell you about it because it’s really great. It’s totally unpretentious, just a great local cafe to grab a coffee and eat some simple, tasty food without all the faff.

The decor is simple too, but really comfortable, chilled out and cool. The coffee is spot-on, not too bitter or sweet, just great coffee. The menu has loads of tasty things on it, especially if you’re vegetarian and it’s not too ‘egg heavy’, if that makes sense. Brown Dog is definitely a new favourite spot of mine.

Brown Dog Cafe // 54 Logan Road // Woolloongabba 

Merriwether Cafe

I never thought I’d know enough about coffee to talk about my ‘favourite beans’, but that day has finally come. Merriweather Cafe make absolutely delicious, creamy coffee using my favourite beans from Cup Speciality Coffee. 

The cafe itself is really cool, it’s all wood, tiles and aqua with a really cool vibe to it without that ‘trying to hard’ feel. The breakfast menu is short and sweet, but everything on it sounds so great it can be hard to choose what to have. Even if you don’t grab something to eat, it’s worth a stop for the coffee. The perfect spot for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Merriweather Cafe // 27 Russell Street // West End 

7 places in Brisbane to get a good coffee

Swich Espresso

This sweet, cosy little cafe is an inconspicuous oasis in Holland Park. From the front, it looks pretty normal, but once you walk in it’s lovely and warm and very homely, with a great little deck out the back for soaking in the morning sunshine.

The fridge is stocked with delicious looking cakes, tarts, muffins, slices and other goodies. The coffee is really great, not too bitter and not too creamy either.

Swich Espresso // 954 Logan Road // Holland Park 

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  1. as a cofffee shop addict.. i think its time i make the 10,000 mile journey to Brisbane!

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  2. I love drinking coffee! I enjoy the coffee shops where they have tables and chairs where you can sit outside in the sun and enjoy your coffee. I live 2 hours away from Brisbane and it would be cool to visit one of these coffee shops next time. Thanks for sharing by the way 🙂


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