The foodie’s guide to road tripping around South Australia

There are few things better than an awesome meal that has been cooked by someone else, polished off with a great bottle of wine. The only thing that could possibly be better, is a good old-fashioned road trip. Not just any road trip, but a road trip in search of great food. Mmmm food. What better road trip to take than through beautiful South Australia, a real Foodie’s journey, the kind of trip that explores some of the best food and wine the state has to offer.

Starting from home

Before heading off into the sunset, take yourself into the heart of the Adelaide CBD to find some beautiful Aussie cuisine. Red Ochre Grill is situated on the bank of the River Torrens with beautiful views and a great philosophy towards native Australian cuisine. With stunning service and signature meals, this is the first place to get your taste buds fired up. Be sure to try their Native Dukkah Lamb Backstrap before you leave. If you don’t, be sure to come back for it. This is the place to start and it only gets better from here.

On the road again

After you hit the road you may get a bit peckish and it’s incredibly lucky that Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar has four locations open in South Australia. That is, four locations with amazing gourmet pizza at your service, including pulled pork & slaw, black bean burrito, BLT with avocado salsa, and salt and pepper calamari – need you look any further? I don’t think so. Carb up!

Along the way

Continuing on your journey, it will become clearer that not only is there magic food destinations as you travel further and further away, there is also more fine food in South Australia than you may ever have imagined. From Hentley Farm and Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar to beautiful treats such as Lenzerheide in Hawthorn, this place has a lot to offer.

Across the sea

The final destination is not to be missed – Kangaroo Island. Not a place just to visit for a meal for two, but a place with its very own food and wine trail. With local producers of fresh seafood, honey and dairy, it’s a foodie heaven. Once you’ve sampled everything, filled your bags and ended a day of magic, you can take your pick of cafes, restaurants, fish & chip shops or fine dining restaurants to indulge in pure food heaven.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the food on offer in this breath-taking state and it only continues to get better. Once you’ve rolled out of your restaurants and back into your cars and caravans, simply point your car on the road and follow your nose to your next food destination, it will literally be just around the corner.

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