The rise of super-cool digital careers

I didn’t choose the blog life, the blog life chose me! Regardless of who chose whom, it’s amazing blogging is even a viable career option at all. Talking to my grandmother on the phone yesterday, I realised how far things have come and just how many different career options we have that simply didn’t exist some 50 years ago.

Thinking back to high-school, I clearly recall the careers counsellor talking us through the usual round-up of career options. Things like lawyer, doctor, plumber, accountant, hairdresser, chef. Nobody mentioned traveling the world, eating lots of food, going to see live music and then writing about it all on your own website as a possible career choice. Why the heck not? It’s the coolest one of the lot! If they’d mentioned it to me back in 2002, I wouldn’t have wasted the last 12 years of my life trying to work out what I wanted to do with myself. Geez, good one, school! I blame it entirely on you.

The whole ‘digital revolution’ opened the floodgates for a number of kick-ass careers, jobs you can do anywhere around the world and jobs that appeal to the creative and analytical alike. Jobs like web developers, coders, online marketers and digital strategists! If I told my grandma about these things, she would think I was speaking Swahili, because jobs like these simply didn’t exist when she was growing up.

We’re so lucky to be in a position where new careers are being created every day. Don’t like a career that’s out there already? Create your own! When the Vine app was first released I thought it was really cool but it didn’t occur to me there would be people out there making it their job. That’s right, there are professional Vine stars, people who brainstorm Vine video ideas, make them, post them and watch as they’re viewed by millions. These people are online celebrities, it’s a real thing!

Even my beloved Brisbane is getting in on the digital action, I hadn’t realised how big Brisbane’s blog community is until I finally joined Instagram and started finding and following my fellow bloggers. Some jobs in the digital industry afford people flexibility and the option to work from home, others lead to incredibly exciting international adventures, like working in the famed Silicon Valley for companies like Google or, the holiest of holies, working for Lonely Planet.

The number of jobs in the digital industry has grown so much there are recruitment companies who focus solely on helping people find jobs in the digital world.  That’s the thing, career options are pretty much unlimited and our perspective has changed so much, work isn’t just about a paycheck anymore, it’s also about doing something you enjoy and actually want to do.

Starting a blog happened almost by accident for me, following a weird conversation in a Balinese restaurant and the fortuitous pickup of a local newspaper in London. I never imagined it could be my life and could be a job that brings me so much happiness, but it is and it’s really awesome. Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there and become a Vine star, web developer, search-engine optimiser or code magician. Don’t be afraid to dream up your own career path and forge your own niche, because the job you end up in may not even exist yet! The possibilities are endless. No matter what it is you choose for a career, just make sure you choose something that makes you happy.

What do you think about the digital revolution and the new wave of career options available to people? Are you a web master or code-genius? Is it a strange concept people can make a living from YouTube channels, Instagram accounts or Vine videos? Do you consider these to be real careers or just people mucking around who don’t deserve to make a living from it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Phoebe Lee Travel Blogger Queensland AustraliaPhoebe Lee is a writer, award-winning blogger and travel lover sharing helpful travel tips, insight and reviews for regular people. Follow her adventures at home and around the world, right here on Little Grey Box and on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.


3 Comments on The rise of super-cool digital careers

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I am at the end of my fourth year of university and I still have no idea what I’m going to do after I graduate in a few weeks. When I was younger my dream job was creating games, as the years passed I changed my mind more than once. Now I look at bloggers and think, I could and definitely want to do that, I have only just started but I love the idea of writing about my own life and opinions as work, it sounds like perfection. I must say I envy you sir. I really enjoyed your article!


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