I really, really, really love animals. When I’m travelling and I see a dog or cat I cannot control myself, I have to stop and pet it and ask its owner if I can take a photo of it. Luckily, most pet owners think their animal is gorgeous too and are more than happy to share them for a quick snuggle and a photo. The amount of unconditional love and trust you can get from a dog you meet on the street while you’re travelling is pretty amazing. Today I wanted to share with you some of the dogs I met during our trip to Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

If you are thinking about getting a pet of your own, make sure you look into adopting from your local animal shelter. If you are going through a breeder, be sure to do your homework on them thoroughly. Beware of animals sold on free-listing websites and, of course, pet shops too. Puppy farms are real and after watching my mum rehabilitate two little dogs who were rescued from these horrible places, I know just how disgusting they can be and the psychological and physical damage they leave on the animals. You can find more information about the truth behind puppy farms on the Animals Australia website here.

Beijing dogs

These two cuties were hanging out in front of their owner’s shop in Beijing, near Qianhai Lake. The wiry golden dog was full of attitude and jumped straight into my lap when I kneeled down near him. The curly chocolate poodle is hilarious in the photo on the right, it looks so suspicious!

Beijing Pom

This ridiculously cute white Pomeranian, with its teddy-bear face, looked so cute and I really, really wanted to touch it. As soon as I got near it, it decided it hated me a lot and this photo was taken just before it let fly with some pretty assertive barking, warning me off it. Its puppy friend in the foreground was much more welcoming. These two were out for their toilet break in the Hutongs of Beijing.


We were walking through the hutongs when THIS GUY came strolling past with a bag full of orange soft drink. I just about died laughing, after I recovered from the initial shock. He came trotting past us proud as punch then, two metres later, spat the bag out of his mouth and ran off. His mum yelled out to him from in front of us, he stopped, turned and looked at her. She scooped up the bag of drinks and held them back out to him. He put them back in his mouth and took off again. It was great. I’m so happy I had my camera out to get him in action.

These three dogs were all hanging out together near the Drum Tower, they were playing while the owner kept a close eye on them and she was really happy when I asked if I could take a photo of the three of them. I love the photo on the left because at first you just notice the black dog with the grass in its mouth, but then you notice the cheeky side-eye for the little guy. They were not up for a cuddle, they were too busy playing.

Beijing Pomeranian

This smiling little ball of golden fur was waiting patiently outside a corner store for his mum. At first, he didn’t really care that I was there, but then he noticed me and swung around to give me this look. He looks like the happiest dog alive! I love Pomeranians, they’re so happy and fluffy and just freakin’ cute! I didn’t get a chance to pet him, but I really wish I did.

Tunxi dogs

I definitely let out a squeal of pure joy when I saw this ridiculously beautiful, fluffy dog. We were walking through the old street in Tunxi when this piece of fluff stepped out of a shop front and toddled off. I threw my bags at Matt and took off after it, finally catching up to it around the corner. It was so dang cute, we spent a good 15 minutes playing with it, scratching its belly, giving it cuddles and letting it nibble on our fingers (don’t worry, I’ve had my shots). Just when life couldn’t get any better, the brown puppy, in the photo on the right, showed up and they started playing together. My heart exploded.


Have you guys seen the vine about the dog called ‘Chewy’? If not, watch it here. I don’t know why, but it makes me laugh so hard. Anyway, after we saw that video Matt and I started calling every small dog ‘Chewy’. When we saw THIS DOG lying down in Tunxi Old Street I laughed so hard I cried, declaring him ‘The Chewiest of Chews’. I snuck up on him and took this photo… he looks like an old man! After I took this photo he woke up and chased me down the street. Matt laughed and didn’t help me at all. A big crowd of tourists also saw me and laughed.

This big, beautiful chocolate labrador was a pet of the owner of the hotel we stayed at in Tunxi. It was so nice to come downstairs every morning and see her sitting there, peacefully, just waiting for a back scratch, ear or tummy rub. She was always happy to see you when you got back to the hotel from a day of exploring too. There was a local little girl who would have foot races with her in the small alleyway the hotel was on.

Hongcun Village dogs


It’s five thousand degrees and we’re scorching hot, so we found a cafe to hide out in and sat down with a couple of beers, trying to cool down. Because beer is far more effective at that than water… right?! … Anyway, this ridiculous dog plopped out of the cafe door and I froze. Look at it. Really look at that face. It’s so fluffy, look at its stubby little legs and fluffy marshmallow feet. Look at its round little teddy bear ears and its spotty button nose. This dog is the cutest dog in the history of dogs.


This guy was rocking down the street in Tunxi and he was ON A MISSION. His hair reminds me of those old-school video clips, remember the ones where Mariah Carey has a fan on her and her hair is going everywhere? This dog has that going on! He was roving around town on his own but he was very clearly on duty and knew exactly where he was going and wasn’t stopping for anybody.

Hong Kong dogs

This pug puppy was a real heartbreaker and I lost my mind when I saw her. We were walking under a bridge in Wan Chai in Hong Kong and her father, with two adult pugs, was taking her for an evening stroll and toilet break. I couldn’t control myself. I asked him if it was okay to give her a cuddle and he said yes, so I scooped her up and she was just the cutest little animal, I could not stop smiling. After I set her back on the ground she kept following me around, she was just so sweet.


This very stylish, comfortable poodle was sitting pretty in his mother’s handbag. She was out for a day of shopping in Mong Kok and he was tagging along for the ride. I saw his cute face hanging out of her handbag but felt awkward asking for a photo, it got the better of me and I had to run after her. She gave me a huge smile and was so happy to show him off!

Chiang Mai dog


As referenced above, this guy is a straight chewy. He’s actually the same breed as the ‘original Chewy’. He also only has one eye. I love the happy but crazy look on his dear little face. He was trotting along after his father, going for a walk in a small back street in Chiang Mai.

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