So, your bank account has been cleared out, eh? Maybe you had a little too much fun popping bottles on big nights out. Maybe you had a LOT of trouble sticking to your budget or maybe all those adult responsibilities (like paying bills) took over. Heck, maybe you’re just saving up for something great and need to cut back on your spending. Does that mean you shouldn’t travel at all? Ah, no, it definitely does not. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel, you just have to be a little more thoughtful with choosing the right destinations. To help you plan your broke-ass adventures for the next 12 months, here are 11 Super cheap destinations perfect for broke-ass travellers (that’s you!)

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1. Vietnam

You can spend a few days on a junk ship, sailing through the turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay for as little as AUD $100 (or even less! Read Everything you need to know about crusing Ha Long Bay here) Zip around Ho Chi Minh on the back of a scooter, wander the streets of Hanoi or explore the French influence on the streets of Hoi An. In Vietnam, you can get yourself a great hotel room for AUD$15 – $30 per night. You can also eat really delicious food for AUD  $1 a plate, washed down with a 25cent beer. So cheap you may never want to leave. Find Ho Chi Minh City hotels here

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2. Nepal

Another great budget-friendly South-East Asian gem, you’ll find Nepal the perfect spot for those who love mountains, wide open spaces and beautiful people. This relaxing, peaceful place is the perfect spot for a vacay with a bit of adventure and none of the budget-busting problems travellers fears. Your broke a$$ can scoop up a room on the cheap from AUD $2.50 to $30 per night, depending on your level of fanciness. Street food here is super cheap too, costing around AUD $1 a plate, or dine at a restaurant for around AUD $10. Find Kathmandu hotels here

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3. Cambodia

Explore the ancient wonder of Angkor Wat, go diving and laze around on the pristine beaches. Buzz around Siem Reap and Phom Penh, cruise down rivers and explore coastal towns (Find out the best, must-do things in Cambodia here). Cambodia offers million-dollar-holidays for significantly less. You can scoop up great deals on cheap accommodation, like AUD $20 a night for a really nice place. Food is also incredibly affordable, 25 cents for a beer and AUD $5 for a delicious dinner. When it comes to budget-friendly holidays in beautiful places, Cambodia really delivers. Find Siem Reap hotels here

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4. Laos

Even by the insanely affordable standards of South East Asia, Laos stands out from the crowd. This beautiful place offers a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for the budget traveller in need of a relaxing vacay. Travel outside of Luang Prabang to a place called Nong Kiau Riverside and set yourself up in a bungalow by the river for AUD $50 per night in high season or AUD $25 per night in low season. Elsewhere, a hotel room should cost around AUD $15 per night, a restaurant meal AUD $3 and a big bottle of Beer Lao for AUD $1.50. Find Luang Prabang hotels here

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6. Greece

While visiting Europe can immediately set dollar signs off in your eyeballs like a cartoon character, Greece is one of the exceptions. Broke travellers can scoop up a bed for $15 to AUD $25 per night. Getting stuck into Gyros and other cheap street food should only cost you around AUD $10 per day or AUD $30 if you prefer your meals at nice restaurants. With such affordable prices, you’ll be to swim in the Aegean Sea, explore islands by day and party all night. Find Mykonos hotels here

Corfu Greece

5. Philippines

If you love picture-perfect beaches and insanely great hospitality, look no further than the Philippines (Find out the best place to visit here). Places like Palawan are going to be your go-to destinations, while a side trip to check out Manila should also be on the cards. If you eat at the local markets, getting stuck into street food, you’ll be able to find a feast for two for AUD $10. A room in Palawan will cost you around AUD $15 – $30 per night and you can grab a nice cold beer for 90cents. Find Palawan hotels here

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7. Bolivia

Bolivia happens to be one of the cheapest destinations in South America, perfect for broke travellers in need of affordable adventures. The great thing, you can get yourself on a cheap tour for around AUD $240 to take you around for 3 or 4 days. A night at a hotel will set you back AUD $10 to $25 for a budget-friendly room. Grab a meal for AUD $5and a nice cold beer for AUD $2.50. Find Copacabana hotels here

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8. Indonesia

A favourite among travellers, the key to enjoying Indonesia is to break away from the lure of Kuta and search for the beauty waiting to be found elsewhere in Indonesia. Spend a week at an all-inclusive surf camp in Sumbawa. Climb aboard a boat and sail around Komodo National Park for a week or seek refuge in Bali in places like Canggu. As always, Indonesia offers really affordable accommodation to suit all budgets as well as cheap eats and great drink prices… Bintang! Find Bali hotels here

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9. India

When it comes to travelling ridiculously cheaply, India is a great destination. You can easily survive on a daily budget of AUD $19 per day. Spend your time meeting friendly locals, eating delicious food, being immersed in a world of bright colours and new flavours and unique scents. Move from place to place using the train and you’ll spend very little, giving you the chance to see the world from a new angle. Crash in a hotel for around AUD $5-$10 per night and grab a plate of hot dhal and tie for dinner for around AUD $1. Find Goa hotels here

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10. Thailand

As always, Thailand continues to offer travellers a friendly, beautiful and happy place to visit for a fraction of the cost. In places like Ao Nang (find out everything you need to know about Ao Nang here) you can spend your days on the beachfront, swimming and sunning yourself, sipping on Chang. Rooms here can go as cheap as AUD $16 a night for basic digs or AUD $30 a night for something a little nicer. Meals are delicious and affordable, setting you back AUD $2 for the best dang Pad Thai of your life. Find Krabi hotels here

11. China

It is surprisingly affordable to explore China, which means this could be your chance to visit the Great Wall or discover hidden pockets of tradition and culture in the backstreets of Beijing. Getting across the country is made affordable with cheap flights or even using the bus and train to get around. You can scoop up affordable accommodation from AUD $20-$30 per night and eat at local spots for around AUD $10. The hot tip in China is to get out of the major cities and into places like Huangshan and Tunxi. Find Beijing hotels here

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