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Welcome to Little Grey Box! I’m Phoebe, an Australian-based writer, award-winning blogger and travel lover.

I write and travel full-time sharing my honest, helpful and relatable travel stories, tips and reviews. I share these things in a bright, silly, fun-loving way through my writing and YouTube videos. I specialise in mid-range travel for people who want to live and travel within their means and still have beautiful, memorable experiences.

In June of 2014 I left a successful career I didn’t like to follow my heart into a career as a writer and I’ve never been happier. Learning to trust my intuition has changed my life and I share my personal stories to encourage and inspire others to trust theirs too.

These things come together to form Little Grey Box: an honest, funny, helpful and inspiring website for regular people.

Where did the name ‘Little Grey Box’ come from? 

As a writer, I love words! When it came time to choose a name I had no idea what I wanted the blog to be, so I chose a name based on words I like. Words with lots of vowels, names of colours and structured sounds all appeal to me (and my OCD), before I knew it, LGB was created.

My proudest achievements

2015 travel plans

Over the next few months I’m planning travel to Singapore, Fiji, Bali and all around the eastern states of Australia. If these or any other locations fit with your business and there’s an opportunity for us to work together, please email me: littlegreybox@hotmail.com

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  1. I’m new to blogging and just found your site today. So beautiful! I’m excited to follow your travels!


    • Hello! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)


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