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About me

Hello! Thanks for visiting Little Grey Box (LGB). I’m Phoebe, an Australian-based travel writer and blogger.

Born in Queensland, I grew up with a deep love of words and books. When I turned 21 I took off on a 6 week solo trip around Europe that sparked a sense of freedom in me I never knew existed. That trip changed my life. Now, I’ve found a way to combine the two things I love most; writing and travel. These two passions come together to form LGB.

LGB is a way for me to share my travel adventures, vlogs, insight and reviews honestly and openly. By doing so, I hope to inspire others to travel and live an honest, authentic life full of the things they love most.

In mid-2015 my husband, Matt, left his full-time job to run LGB with me and freelance as a Graphic Designer. Matt is always inspired by the great outdoors and has a passion for photography and videography. We travel the world together, with Matt helping me capture beautiful moments and share them in a creative, unique way through video and photographs.

My proudest achievements

Travel plans for 2016

I intend to see a whole lot more of Australia and the world in 2016 with Singapore, Cambodia and Mexico already locked in. If there’s an opportunity for us to work together, please email me: littlegreybox@hotmail.com

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  1. Your website and what you do is amazing! :) Keep up the good work.

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