The best way to spend a weekend – Introvert Edition.

When you’re an introvert, the best thing about the weekend is you don’t actually have to leave your house or see anyone if you don’t want to. You don’t have to deal with the forced social interaction of colleagues and clients at work and strangers on public transport. You can hole up in your house all weekend with a box of mini magnums and let the good times roll.

As someone who loves nothing more than spending 8 hours a day barricaded in my apartment with a wide variety of 90s hip-hop to keep me company, I’ve devised this comprehensive list of the best ways to spend a weekend. It’s the introvert version, which means it’s not invasive and you won’t need 4 hours of alone time, spent in total silence, to recover from any of these activities.

Reading these, they may sound simple enough but sometimes we get caught up doing things we think we should be doing instead of doing what we want to be doing. However you spend your weekend, make sure you prioritise yourself and do the things that make you happy.

On a side note, keep reading all the way to the end to find out how you can win an entire DVD mini-series to keep you occupied for a whole weekend!



Spend a few hours settled into a beanbag, under a shady tree and get lost in a good book. We always put it off, so make time for yourself to enjoy re-reading your favourite book or finally reading one you’ve been saving. For bonus points, go to the library because talking isn’t allowed! bliss!


Dig out your old Faber-Castell watercolour pencils and favourite pens or treat yourself to some brand spanking new art supplies and go crazy! Get all that crazy introvert inner-monologue out of your head and onto paper. This is particularly fun to do with your partner or one of your non-draining friends, because you can have a peaceful little creative sesh.

Get crafty 

Find your favourite crafting blog or compile some projects on Pinterest and spend the weekend making something beautiful. If you’re really dedicated you might like to make cute handmade gifts for birthday or Christmas presents for friends, which means you get to be super smug when you hand them over, “Oh yea, I made that, just for you.”

Cook a feast 

Get your Masterchef on and give yourself the time and resources needed to cook the kind of meal you’ve always dreamed of making. I’m talking multi-layer cakes, thrice cooked pork, slow-roasted beef cheeks kinda cooking. Then sit down with a good bottle of wine and enjoy your awesome cooking abilities.

Go coastal 

Get up really, really early and drive to the coast to watch the sunrise. Get a takeaway coffee, dig your bare feet into the cool sand and soak in the fresh sea air. If the beach isn’t your thing, drive up to the Glasshouse Mountains instead.

Just chill 

Give yourself permission to be nowhere and do nothing. Make a big jug of your favourite fruit punch, cocktail or ice tea and settle into a comfy chair on your back deck and listen to your favourite music while soaking in the afternoon sun.

Fancy breakfast

Go to the trouble of making yourself your favourite breakfast. I’m talking coconut pancakes, fresh berries, waffles, eggs and bacon with orange juice and champagne. Why not? Your taste-buds don’t take a day off from loving flavour, why should you.

DVD session

Settle into the couch with your favourite movie or TV series and a big bowl of popcorn. Bliss! To promote you partaking in this particular activity, I’m giving away a copy of the complete series of Political Animals. It’s a cool little mini-series about the butt-kicking Sigourney Weaver taking on the big boys of American politics. It’s the perfect mix of drama and witty humour.

To win the complete series of Political Animals, all you have to do is like the below image on Facebook or Instagram!


Terms and conditions: Winner will be announced after 6pm Thursday 31st July 2014. Competition is only open to those residing in Australia. Entries close 5pm AEST Thursday 31 August July. 

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  1. Love it Phoebs!! Sounds like all the perfect ways to spend a weekend!

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