How to put a little mystery into your travel

I have been guilty of planning my travel to within an inch of its adventurous little life. Of course it’s important to be organised and prepared, but every now and then it’s possible you may spend more time planning your trip than you do enjoying the place you visit. “But Phoebe,” I hear you ask, “What can little ol’ me possible do about that?”

Well, my friend, have you ever had one of those experience where you didn’t plan to do something, but you went at the last minute and, because you had no expectations, it turned out to be a blast? Why not apply the same theory to travel?


A few years ago, while we were living in London, I organised a mystery holiday for Matt. I booked the flights and hotel, cleared it with his boss and arranged for him to take leave, then put him in a cab on the day and drove him to the airport. He had no idea where we were going until we got on the plane, it was awesome! It would have been made that bit better if it had been a surprise for me too, though.

The mystery holiday destination I chose for Matt was Ibiza, don’t worry it was the low-season, Armand Van Helden and Calvin Harris were nowhere to be seen. We spent the week on a very relaxed island in Spain, enjoying a lot of sangria and delicious food.

Fast forward a few years later and travel company Mystery Trips have made this dream a reality. It’s such an exciting, liberating way to travel because nowadays we have so much control over our lives and so much information at your fingertips. Imagine the excitement of booking a holiday and having no idea where you’re going or where you’re staying.

You can book a mystery hotel, mystery flight or a mystery package by choosing the length of your stay (1, 2 or 3 nights) and the star rating of the hotel (3,4 or 5 star), to fit within your budget. The rest, though, is up to the travel booking geniuses at Mystery Trip.

Mystery packages depart from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and are available in a range of locations across Australia, including Adelaide, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast and Hobart just to name a few. If there’s a location you really don’t want to visit, you can nominate not to go there, simple!

The Mystery Trip peeps take care of booking everything and send you an itinerary three days before departure, so you know what to pack.

I love the concept behind Mystery Trips, it’s such a great way to put some fun and excitement back into travelling and a great way to surprise someone close to you, and maybe yourself too. It also means you may find yourself visiting a place you never thought you would, or had never popped up on your travel radar before.

Have you every planned a Mystery Trip or surprise holiday before? What did the person think about it? What do you think about the idea of a mystery holiday? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.





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