Living. Laughing. Loving.

Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Much. Seems simple enough, right? I saw those words pop up on facebook this week when a friend had bought these frames to put up in her house and I immediately thought it was very cool. Here is a person that has three simple ideals and is going to live by them by displaying them proudly in her house, either that or she’s got quite the flair for interior design.

This week came as a massive turning point for me with a lot of challenges and some positive reinforcement that I am doing the right thing and on the right path.


My little drawing of the week.

It all started with a ‘bang’ or more correctly a small explosion when Matt nearly set the house on fire by using a can of aerosol spray canola oil next to a naked flame. Unfortunately for him he was also near-naked having decided to cook his breakfast in his underwear that morning. As you probably know from watching action films, naked flames and aerosol cans have a funny way of becoming a flame thrower pretty quickly.

Having singed off part of his body hair but remaining otherwise unscathed Matt provided me with a hilarious start to my week as I wriggled around the floor in a fit of laughter so hard I cried. It seemed I had ‘Laugh Often’ well and truly covered.

Beautiful Brisbane sky

Beautiful Brisbane sky

I found myself challenged as the week began with a misunderstanding. As I’ve said before I adore my colleagues but after a few careless words were exchanged I felt really down about myself. The old me would have sat quietly, seething about it but the new me felt empowered and I took the opportunity to stand up for myself and speak my peace. I felt validated! I had a voice!

When a friend let me down mid-week I took it really personally and all I could do was think about it over and over again, funnily enough that night I heard a character on a TV show talking to someone in a similar position, her words were “It’s okay to keep thinking about it. It’s our minds way of making sense of things”. As simple as this may sound it validated me and my next thought was ‘it’s out of your control’.

Reading my travel journal from my 2009 solo Europe trip, found it while cleaning out our apartment

Reading my travel journal from my 2009 solo Europe trip, found it while cleaning out our apartment

This quickly became my mantra for the week. I’m a control freak by nature and tend to be very organised and become very stressed when things don’t go exactly as I plan them. By telling myself that something was out of my control, it took away the blame and guilt I usually put on myself and I began to feel more positive and less drained.

Taking the leap of faith and backing myself by starting this whole journey, changing my blogging and pouring my heart and energy back into myself really paid off when I got some great news. As you have read in my last few posts I have been seeing an intuitive life coach, Helen Thomas of The Little Sage. Helen contacted me after reading my last few posts and asked me to write for her about my journey based on my coaching sessions and tasks or ‘Little Lessons’ she sets each week. My posts will feature on her website each Wednesday.

Me and the Antanov 2 - Russian Plane

Me and the Antanov 2 – Russian Plane

For me, this is a dream come true and it has validated the direction my life is taking and the choices I’ve made for myself. Not only am I happier knowing I’m following my heart, but it’s actually working, I’m moving closer and closer to my dream. It would seem I’m really getting the hang of ‘Live Well’.

By taking the pressure off myself with my new mantra, ‘it’s out of your control’,  and pouring my energy back into myself I hit the weekend feel invigorated rather than the droopy, hollow person that used to wake up on  a Saturday morning.

Making our own pasta.

Making our own pasta.

Thanks to a very good friend I was able to go on an old Russian bi-plane out at Caboolture for a joy-flight. It was incredible. We spent the whole time laughing at the lack of safety instructions and marveling at the stunning Queensland coastline, grateful for living in such a beautiful country.

That night I took the time to do something I’ve always wanted to do, make my own fresh hand-made pasta. Matt had bought me the pasta roller for Christmas and for the first time I had the energy to do it. It turned out perfectly, so delicious, and it made me remember just how much I love to cook and how good it feels to create something from nothing.

Abseiling at Kangaroo Point

Abseiling at Kangaroo Point

Sunday afternoon the weekend of adventurous activities continued and Matt and I went abseiling at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Not one to be scared of heights and feeling pretty pleased with myself at the week’s achievements I had no problem leaning back into the ropes and jumping off the top of the cliff. I felt free.

All three of these experiences were a part of me, they are the things I love to do that I simply haven’t had the heart to do because I’ve been so drained. In setting aside time for myself to recharge and pouring more energy and effort into myself I’m getting more out of my time and my life for the things I enjoy. Put all of this together and I’ve also nailed ‘Love Much’.

Mid clean out (with wine in hand of course)

Mid clean out (with wine in hand of course)

The final step to this week has been cleaning out. Cleaning out my mind and cleaning out my life. As part of my first Little Lesson for The Little Sage, Matt and I did a huge sweep through our apartment and threw out a massive amount of old papers, clothes, shoes, kitchenwares, towels and lots of little things we had both been holding onto.

There have been a lot of things in my life I have been holding onto because I have been too scared to let go. I hold onto control because it’s safe. By accepting I can’t control everything I set myself free, free to do things like get rid of things I’ve been holding onto, follow my dream of writing, fly in Russian bi-planes, abseil down cliffs and live the life I want to live. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m excited and I’m ready.



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  1. I love reading your posts!! This is so rejuvenating :)
    I hope you’re read my work sometime as well. I’m new here.
    Thanks for sharing!


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