The meaning of travel

Travel means a lot to me and I’m constantly amazed when people tell me that it doesn’t interest them, that they don’t feel a need or a longing to see the rest of the world.

I’m sure these people are equally amazed at me packing up my belongings, selling my car, putting my career on hold, walking away from a secure, good paying job and moving to a colder, wetter side of the world with no home, income or sunshine. Now tell me, what about that doesn’t sound appealing to you?

It may sound crazy but this is my dream, and it’s happening right now.

Despite what people think, it isn’t hard to pack up your life and start all over again in another country, it’s just a bit scary for a while and then you deal with it, adjust and keep moving forward. We’re all designed to do this, to be able to cope in any situation, so if you’re not following your dream out of fear then the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Beautiful mountains

I didn’t always want this, in fact for a long time I didn’t know that this was even an option. Then one day something in me longed for more. I looked around me and while I love my country, all I could think was ‘this can’t be it’.

It makes me feel physically ill to think of spending the rest of my life in one place without having seen the world.

My travel bucket list is huge, I want to see the whole world. If it were safe enough for a very white, very blonde female, I would even go to Afghanistan and Syria.

So what is it that draws certain people to want to give up their world to see the world.

I don’t know about everybody else, but when I’m traveling I feel so light and genuinely happy. Sitting on a train, marveling at a site, not having anyone know where I am… It fills my whole chest with happiness. Travel is one of the few things I do in my life that is just for me and few things in life make me happier than standing in a new country knowing that I worked hard to get here and this moment, is mine.

I work to pay bills and taxes, diet so others don’t think I’m fat, cook to feed friends and family, support and comfort loved ones.

But travel, that’s all mine. That’s just for me. My plan, my time, my dream.

No matter what we each need, desire and long for in our lives, it’s ours. It’s yours. So go for it. Because at the end, you don’t want to regret not doing what you really wanted.


26 Comments on The meaning of travel

  1. Being that you are on the go so much, I realize your exercise schedule might be hard to keep (see previous post in the “exercise” category. I just recently took up “wogging” (combo of walking/jogging). It’s quite pleasurable with your favorite loud music pumping from the Pandora app.


  2. I love traveling, too. Just finished a couple of road trips, nothing big, but still travel, still enjoyable and good for blogging about! When I was growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we always went somewhere on vacation each year and that must have been the start of it. I’ve had lots of excellent adventures since then and don’t plan to stop traveling.


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